The Sheng Yen Education Foundation (the “Foundation”) provides grants to support young scholars doing dissertation research in Chinese Buddhism and the thoughts of Master Sheng Yen.

1. Eligibility:

Candidates must apply for this grant within three years of receiving their Ph.D. degree from a domestic or international university; their dissertation topic must be related to Chinese Buddhism or the thoughts of Master Sheng Yen.

2. The Grant:

A grant of NT$200,000 (tax included) will be awarded to one person every year.

3. Required Documents:

(1) Fill in online application information;

(2) Personal identification documents (personal identification card or the equivalent);

(3) Personal statement (please include information on your family, education background, extracurricular activities, self-evaluation, and lifetime goals and objectives);

(4) A copy of your curriculum vitae;

(5) Ph. D. dissertation (including the signature page for oral defense);

(6) Official Ph. D. transcript;

(7) Ph. D. diploma;

(8) Two recommendation letters. The letters should describe the candidate’s research abilities, the significance of the candidate’s dissertation, and an overall evaluation of the candidate. The recommender should upload the letter to the system generated link; and

(9) Other reference documents.

4. Application period:

The application period for this grant is September 1st to November 30th of each year. The required documents (as specified above) should be uploaded to the system generated link during the application period. Applicants who are ineligible for the grant, sent in an incomplete application, or applied outside the application period will not be considered.

5. Review Process and Announcement:

The selection committee at the Sheng Yen Center for Chinese Buddhist Studies will review all qualified applicants and make the final determination. The grant recipient will be notified of the decision by March 31th of the following year, and the results will be announced on the Foundation’s website ( The announcement may be postponed if necessary.

6. Grantee’s Rights and Responsibilities:

The grantee must attend the award ceremony for this grant, hosted by the Foundation, and present the grantee’s dissertation and research.

These rules are formally submitted by the Sheng Yen Center for Chinese Buddhist Studies, and are effective upon approval by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The same procedures are required to implement future amendments.